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Ausgrid is a distribution network service provider (DNSP) in Australia, responsible for operating and maintaining the electrical distribution network in New South Wales. Defect rectification is the process of repairing or fixing any issues or faults that occur within the electrical distribution network.

Ausgrid’s defect rectification process involves several steps, including:

  1. Identifying the defect or fault – this can be done through regular inspections or through reports from customers or field staff.
  2. Assessing the severity of the defect – defects are assessed based on their impact on the network and the level of risk they pose to public safety.
  3. Planning the rectification work – once the defect has been identified and assessed, a plan is developed to repair or fix the issue.
  4. Scheduling the work – the work is scheduled based on the level of urgency and priority of the defect.
  5. Undertaking the repair work – the repair work is carried out by Ausgrid’s field staff or by contractors.
  6. Testing and commissioning – once the repair work is completed, the network is tested to ensure that it is safe and operating correctly.
  7. Monitoring and reporting – Ausgrid monitors the network to ensure that the defect has been fully rectified and reports back to customers and regulators on the status of the repair work.

Overall, Ausgrid takes defect rectification very seriously and works to ensure that the electrical distribution network is safe and reliable for customers.