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Metering installations are an important part of the energy industry. They enable the accurate measurement and billing of electricity usage for homes and businesses. In this answer, I will provide an overview of metering installations for three companies: Pluses, Intellihub, and Vector.

  1. Pluses: Pluses is an Australian energy company that provides electricity and gas services to residential and commercial customers. The company uses smart meters to measure electricity usage in real time. Smart meters are digital meters that record electricity usage and automatically transmit the data to the energy provider. This eliminates the need for manual meter readings and enables more accurate billing. Pluses also offer an online portal where customers can view their energy usage and bills.
  2. Intellihub: Intellihub is an Australian company that specializes in smart metering solutions. The company provides smart meter installations and data management services for energy retailers and network operators. Intellihub’s smart meters use advanced technology to measure electricity usage and provide real-time data to energy providers. The company also offers data analytics services to help energy providers better understand their customers’ energy usage patterns.
  3. Vector: Vector is a New Zealand-based energy company that provides electricity and gas services to New Zealand and Australian customers. Vector uses a range of metering installations, including traditional electromechanical meters, digital smart meters, and advanced meters that measure electricity usage in real-time. Vector also offers various energy management services, including energy audits, energy efficiency advice, and solar panel installations.

Overall, metering installations play a crucial role in the energy industry by enabling the accurate measurement and billing of electricity usage. Companies like Pluses, Intellihub, and Vector are leading the way in smart metering solutions, which provide real-time data and help customers and energy providers better manage their energy usage.